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Service Learning for Universities, Colleges and K-12

Professors, teachers, educators, staff and centers work with us to streamline the logistics of managing community partnerships and tracking of engagement for students in service learning courses

I have been managing service projects for The University of Texas at Austin for more than ten years, and meeting the demand for online tools that allow students to connect with service opportunities, while allowing us to capture student involvement rates, has always been difficult. I've never been satisfied with the range of online volunteer management systems available in today's market, and have found it impossible to find one service that effectively tracks, manages, recruits and engages volunteers with our 300+ community partners. This all changed when our office began working with GivePulse; not only are the online tools easy for students, staff and community partners to navigate, but the social media element allows students to form ongoing relationships with the non-profit groups they serve. GivePulse empowers students to share their service experiences, which in turns inspires other volunteers to get involved in worthy causes. We have finally found a programming team that truly understands how to promote and enhance community engagement efforts!

Amory Baril, University of Texas at Austin
Director of Community Engagement
Be like Amory!

Course Management

Synchronize your service learning course details and rosters to streamline faculty, staff, partner and student academic engagement

  • Integrations
    Integrate with your information database so that course schedules, rosters, and faculty involvement is synchronized. In addition, augment existing Learning Management Systems to streamline faculty, staff and student engagement with partners
  • Define Course Requirements
    Select and customize what partnerships, events and opportunities should display in the class and set the requirements and syllabus to augment your current Learning Management System
  • Reporting
    Determine what quantitative and qualitative outputs (hours, reflections etc.,) are needed to gauge student learning outcomes and run reports


Manage, create, edit, approve and review all partner applications and student-to-partner applications

  • Community Partner Applications
    Set up Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) documents and define a unique application to gather details of the potential partnership for you, your partner and a collection of individuals to review and approve
  • Student & Partner Applications
    Set up an MOU between the student, the partner and youself, in which all three stakeholders can pass the MOU to the other(s) for further review, editing and acceptance
  • Review, Edit and Approve
    Have one single place to review, edit, manage and approve all pending applications so you can track the progress and run reports on them

Community Partners Database

An all-in-one solution allowing you and your partners to have complete access to oversee profiles, match interests, activities, events and opportunities with students, faculty, staff, researchers and alumni

  • Group & Individual Profiles
    Onboard partner profiles and your community of users. Partners can then update, synchronize with social media, verify their contact information, and create new events and opportunities
  • Browsing, Searching & Filtering
    Use our map, calendar or list view to see all the different community partners and agencies available. Sort, filter or even search by keywords, skills and causes it relates to
  • Events & Volunteer Management
    Expose capabilities for partners and groups to manage all their events and opportunities, track registration and rsvps, communicate with users and add administrators

Placements & Scheduling

Oversee all logistics and scheduling for individuals and groups, while enabling organizers and coordinators to know exactly the status of all placements by attendance, hours, reflections and other outputs (or metrics) you define

  • Scheduling
    Set up orientation dates, one-time events, or ongoing opportunities in a calendar, map or list
  • Calendar
    Set up events, trainings, opportunities and activities on a calendar for your community to browse, register and track their engagement
  • Tracking
    Have one single location to track registrations, rsvps, waitlists and all the data that comes with the engagement including hours, transportation, attendance, reflections and other outputs


Survey, track and review all data related to student learning and impact on the community partners

  • Survey
    Send out a unique survey anonymously or via a login for small group of students, the whole institution, specific partners
  • Qualitative & Quantitative
    Customize and design a survey with quantitative and qualitative fields so you can accurately collect the data for the assessment of your community impact
  • Reporting
    Have one single place to gather all the data collected so you can review and report on specific users, activities, groups and partners


Automated verification of attendance by community partners

  • Attendance
    There are instances where you need to track attendance vs. hours, our system allows you to sign people in for attendance purposes or be set up with "clocked-in" and "clocked-out" capabilities
  • Outputs
    The most popular output gathered are service hours, but our system helps administrators and researchers to define new metrics important to your institution, the community and the student's engagement
  • Conversations
    Impact reflections allow faculty, students and partners to have a dialogue. This allows the conversation to continue past the experience, past the class, and into the future