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USF Stampede of Service (SOS) 2019

Lincoln Elementary Magnet (Site #30)

Shift Details

Shift NameLincoln Elementary Magnet (Site #30)
Shift Organizer
Manushi Shah
Your Choice - Self-Drive, Carpool, or Public Transportation

Volunteers will do the following:
Grounds beautification (including weeding, mulching, pruning, and cleaning) and painting numbers on the sidewalk for our car rider line (using a stencil). If time, we may do some classroom/school office work, organization and cleaning inside the school.

Social Issues addressed at this site:
Youth & Education

Sustainable Development Goals addressed at this site:
Quality Education

Career Competencies developed at this site:
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Teamwork/Collaboration

Project Lead: Manushi Shah

Site Contact and more information:
Registrations20 out of 20
Date & TimeSat, Jan 19, 2019 9:00am - 12:00pm
Parking: Park in front of main office
1207 E. Renfro St.
Plant City, FL 33563

Location: Parking: Park in front of main office, 1207 E. Renfro St., Plant City, FL 33563


1 - 20 of 20 Registrations
Manushi S.
Renata G.
Shazar K.
Samuel C.
Crystal G.
Trisha T.
Claire M.
Payton K.
Natalie H.
Meghan K.
Rebecca K.
Brooke B.
Shayla L.
Emily M.
Kaitlyn T.
Julie M.
Sydney M.
Mia B.
Tarun P.
Aesha S.