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USF Stampede of Service (SOS) 2019

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) (Site #21)

Shift Details

Shift NameInstitute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) (Site #21)
Shift Organizer
Bryan Stark
Your Choice - Self-Drive, Carpool, or Public Transportation

Volunteers will do the following:
Pick up roadside trash in two different bags: plastics for recycling and other waste for disposal. Then the trash bags will be stored in one location for Tampa City to pick up.

Social Issues addressed at this site:
Environmental Awareness, Community Development

Sustainable Development Goals addressed at this site:
Clean Water & Sanitation, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Responsible Consumption & Production

Career Competencies developed at this site:
Teamwork/Collaboration, Leadership

Project Lead:
Bryan Stark

Site Contact and more information:
Registrations25 out of 25
Date & TimeSat, Jan 19, 2019 10:00 - 11:45am
Parking: (parking lot close to Bagels plus)
2706 E Fletcher Ave
Tampa 33612


1 - 23 of 23 Registrations
Kiesha P.
Daniela M.
Karly C.
Yu Z.
Sabrina W.
Katie K.
Anyssa I.
Yolie C.
Annika E.
Saindy L.
Tracey V.
Riley T.
Bryan S.
Courtney S.
Alexis T.
Daniella T.
Andrew G.
Roth M.
Maurevensly J.
Trever Saint P.
Erwin J.
Jean L.
Roobensly Jean B.