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USF Stampede of Service (SOS) 2019

Jackson Springs Park (Site #22)

Shift Details

Shift NameJackson Springs Park (Site #22)
Shift Organizer
Jorden Irby
Your Choice - Self-Drive, Carpool, or Public Transportation

Volunteers will do the following:
Preparing vegetable Garden beds for new crops and invasive plant removal

Social Issues addressed at this site:
Environmental Awareness

Sustainable Development Goals addressed at this site:
No Poverty, Zero Hunger

Career Competencies developed at this site:
No Poverty, Zero Hunger

Project Lead: Jorden Irby (

Site Contact and more information:
Registrations20 out of 20
Date & TimeFri, Jan 18, 2019 9:00 - 11:00am
8620 Jackson Springs Road
Tampa, FL 33615

Location: 8620 Jackson Springs Road, Tampa, FL 33615


1 - 16 of 16 Registrations
Jorden I.
Gabriella M.
Gianna R.
Bayley J.
Jensen B.
Katherine L.
Bailey H.
Maggie K.
Catherine R.
John David S.
Brianne B.
Brooke L.
Alicia K.
Marissa H.
Frankie K.
Jodi E.